February 24, 2021

Helping 100 million people quit smoking with the WHO Quit Challenge

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently expanded the offerings on its Health Alert WhatsApp service with the launch of the WHO Quit Challenge.

The challenge was developed to assist people who want to quit tobacco use by providing them with personalised support and motivational tips on their journey to better health.   It uses Turn.io’s machine learning technology which, since launching in 2019, has been helping social impact organisations improve lives through personal, guided conversations at scale.

In this case, users are able to register for the challenge by answering a few historical questions and selecting a ‘quitting’ date. The service then walks users through their quitting journey, including motivating them with helpful resources and reminders of their reasons for signing up to the challenge.

Based on the WHO’s mTobaccoCessation programme which has reached over 2.2 million users via SMS in India and Tunisia, the WHO Quit Challenge is the first time that this programme has been run over WhatsApp.

The WHO Quit Challenge is part of WHO’s commitment to help 100 million people quit tobacco products by World No Tobacco Day 2021, which will be marked on 31 May 2021.

The challenge is integrated into WHO Health Alert which was developed in March 2020 by Praekelt.Org, using Turn.io.

To #CommitToQuit text the word QUIT to +4179 893 1892 or click here to start chatting.

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