June 10, 2022

Chat for Climate Action - United Nations' ActNow Chat Service Launches

A new WhatsApp Service has been launched by ActNow, the United Nations’ (UN) campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability.

Launched on June 9th, the service is a partnership between the UN, WhatsApp and Turn.io. It uses the WhatsApp Business API to provide a fast, secure and reliable service that has tips and guidance from the UN on how to take climate action to help protect our planet.

In a statement to announce the service Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications, said “We want to empower people to make climate action an integral part of their daily life and be part of the solution to the climate crisis. The collaboration with WhatsApp allows us to reach people directly and inspire them to be changemakers.”  

“We want to empower people to make climate action an integral part of their daily life and be part of the solution to the climate crisis"

“The climate change emergency and the sustainability of our planet needs urgent, positive action at scale,” said Gustav Praekelt, co-founder at Turn.io. “We’re proud to support the UN in launching their critical ActNow service on WhatsApp.”

“We are honoured to support the UN’s ActNow campaign to help protect our planet,” said Ben Supple, Head of Civic Partnerships at WhatsApp. “We hope this secure messaging service makes it easier for people to make choices that have less harmful effects on the environment.”

The service recommends everyday actions to help you make more sustainable choices – like travelling more sustainably, saving energy or eating less meat. Users choose their actions and the service highlights the environmental impact of each industry, using official facts and figures along with photos and videos.

The ActNow WhatsApp Service is part of the UN’s commitment to preserve a livable climate through greenhouse-gas emissions being reduced by half by 2030 and to net zero by 2050.

“Bold, fast, and wide-ranging action needs to be taken by governments and businesses. But the transition to a low-carbon world also requires the participation of citizens – especially in advanced economies. Every one of us can help limit global warming and take care of our planet.”

“By making choices that have less harmful effects on the environment, we can be part of the solution and influence change.”

The service is focused on 10 individual actions that users can take to help tackle the climate crisis. These are:

1. Save energy at home 💡
2. Eat more veggies🥦
3. Walk, bike or take public transport 🚲
4. Consider your travel  🎒
5. Throw away less food 🚮
6. Reduce, reuse, repair & recycle🔄
7. Change your home's source of energy 🔌
8. Switch to an electric vehicle 🚗
9. Choose eco-friendly products🍃
10. Speak up 📢

Here’s how it works

To use the free service, simply save the number +1 212 738 9268 to your phone contacts and then text the word “hi” in a WhatsApp message to get started or start chatting here

You can also scan the QR code to access the service.

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