November 30, 2021

Prestasi Junior Indonesia significantly scales financial literacy programme with WhatsApp

Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI) is significantly scaling its Cha Ching Curriculum financial literacy programme through a WhatsApp bot that uses the platform.

The youth-serving NGO launched the service as a solution to moving an established classroom-based curriculum to a digital platform that is easy to use and, in most cases, easily accessed without the need for internet connectivity.

Within two weeks of launching on October 25th more than 11,000 users - consisting of both students and teachers - had registered and accessed the learning content, with the number growing at a steady pace.

The success of disseminating programmes and learning materials through the platform together with the WhatsApp bot means The Cha Ching Curriculum is now targeted to reach one million students by 2025. One of the most important aspects of the service is the removal of limitations imposed by distance and location, with students from the remote easternmost region of Indonesia, Papua, already benefiting from this innovation.

Learning enhanced by structured content delivery

The platform has enabled PJI to load learning materials including teacher guides, student worksheets and other supporting education resources onto the WhatsApp platform. This provides students and parents with easy access to materials via their mobile phone by simply typing in a keyword. Animation presented as video for each lesson is accessed and this assists student understanding of content without teachers necessarily being on hand to guide learning. This is important as the young students, engaged remotely, require a very structured delivery of content to make the most out of their learning experience.

Inspiring and preparing young people for success with The Cha Ching Curriculum

The Cha Ching Curriculum is part of PJI’s range of innovative experiential learning initiatives that aim to help young people by fostering self-belief and a sense of purpose necessary to improve their well-being. Focusing on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship, PJI creates pathways for employability, improves financial literacy, and promotes entrepreneurship. Launched four years ago with the support of Prudence Foundation and Prudential Indonesia, the Cha Ching Curriculum had already positively impacted elementary school students before the distance learning resulting from COVID-19 set in motion the need for a digital delivery solution.

Multiple benefits from the platform

The platform, incorporating the use of threads, allows for user tracking so that PJI can sort beneficiary engagement and responses (for example, pre and post testing) for reporting purposes. This tool is extremely useful as it enables access to data for programme  evaluation and reporting purposes during a period when the efficacy of this has been compromised due to the pandemic. The platform also provides flexibility for students to learn outside of school hours, revise and repeat learning, become involved through interactive engagement, and complete activities at their own pace. During the period of COVID-19 impact this has been the ideal strategy to assist teachers in reaching out to students. It additionally provides a vehicle for students, using smartphones, to learn and complete/submit assessment requirements.

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