April 1, 2021

NewGlobe continues to refine remote learning solutions in five countries

NewGlobe has delivered remote learning solutions to over 13 400 users in five countries since a few months into the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and is using feedback from end-users to significantly enhance the project.

Among these solutions is a highly impactful series of chat-based interactive quizzes on mobile designed to reach learners where they are in Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda, Kenya and India, and delivered through NewGlobe’s Bridge Academies International.

Using Turn.io and accessed via WhatsApp, the interactive quizzes have been created for various subjects and grade levels with the chat function enabling learners to pick a quiz and then get rapid feedback as they move through the questions.

“I am very proud and appreciative of your brilliant and excellent initiative to keep our children in study mood during the Covid pandemic”

“I am very proud and appreciative of your brilliant and excellent initiative to keep our children in study mood during the Covid pandemic,” said one family member of the easy-to-use solution that has been created for low-income end-users who may have limited technology in the home.

To roll-out the chat solution, the Bridge@Home team created an awareness campaign with the goal of informing parents of the platform, driving interest in it, and ultimately getting parents to use the platform with their child or children.

User feedback is an important part of the solution and is being used in two ways: to share user testimonials and drive storytelling around using the mobile interactive quizzes and also to share user feedback - as relevant – with the tech and content team in order to drive improvements.  

The ongoing Bridge@Home Mobile Interactive Quizzes represent an engagement that is not possible through other digital channels and is part of NewGlobe’s commitment to ensure that every child has access to an education that will develop their full potential, creating a strong foundation for growth and prosperity.

Since January 2021, NewGlobe – which was established in 2007 – is the parent company under which its complete portfolio will be supported. This includes Bridge Academies International which creates world-class lessons based on national curricula, develops in depth teacher training and support programmes, and uses cutting edge wireless technology.

“NewGlobe supports visionary governments to transform public education systems, the cornerstone of a prosperous, equitable, and peaceful society,” the organisation said in a statement announcing the brand realignment, adding that “with a comprehensive system transformation platform and data-driven educational services, NewGlobe delivers rapid and dramatic improvements in learning outcomes at state and nationwide scale.”

Since launching in Nigeria in June 2020, the Bridge@Home Mobile Interactive Quizzes have been scaled to all the countries where the organisation works.

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