August 11, 2022

Support Civic Participation with WhatsApp - Join September’s Chat for Impact Bootcamp is proud to announce that the next bootcamp in the Chat for Impact 2022 programme is for organizations working in the crucial area of civic participation and engagement.

Registration is now open for the Chat for Impact Civic Participation Bootcamp which will take place online on September 6th. The 90-minute event is open to social impact organizations working in the area of civic engagement including elections, voter rights, governance and freedom of expression - all across the world.

Eligible organizations include INGOs, non-profit organizations and social enterprises working in civic integrity and elections who want to use the WhatsApp Business Platform to amplify their reach and impact. The organizations attending the Civic Participation Chat for Impact Bootcamp will be guided by experts on how to set up a WhatsApp line - and taken through best practices of impact-driven chat service design, content management, launch strategies and more. They will also be invited to join the 1000-plus Chat for Impact community and forum for ongoing updates in this growing area of social change.

In addition, Bootcamp participants stand a chance of being selected for the Chat for Impact Accelerator to access up to $25,000 in funding and support. The Chat for Impact Accelerator gets underway in October and takes place online over a six-week period. All participants in the Accelerator must have attended a Chat for Impact Bootcamp session in 2021/22 and have started the WhatsApp business API process. is helping build a community of people using chat to have a social impact and a signature part of the Chat for Impact Bootcamps is the chance to gain insights and key learnings from organizations that have already launched a WhatsApp chat service. Two organizations will present their use cases and will be sharing their experience building their chat service in this sector at the Bootcamp.

“Key learnings and insights from similar organizations can illuminate and inspire opportunities and spark a meaningful conversation about the role of Chat in the crucial area of civic participation and engagement,” says Gustav Praekelt, Co-Founder of

Chat for Impact is an initiative by, in partnership with WhatsApp. The Chat for Impact 2022 programme includes 10 Bootcamps and the Chat for Impact Accelerator & Summit.

The Chat for Impact Bootcamp will be hosted via Zoom for 1 hour 30 minutes.
Date: September 6th at 3 PM BST

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