Better conversations to improve health

Beyond chat. Towards impact.

Every day there are 1.5 billion opportunities to have conversations that improve lives.

Are you a social impact organisation wanting to use WhatsApp to have impactful conversations?

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 Chat is the internet for the majority world.

But social enterprises aren’t having the conversations that lead to impact.



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Guided conversations for impact

Turn helps social impact organisations have private, personal, guided conversations that improve lives at scale

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to your audience on WhatsApp and Android Messages.

Turn provides direct access to the Whatsapp Business and Google Rich Business Messaging (RBM) APIs through an integrated web chat platform.


efficiently at scale with AI-assistance

Turn Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities enable automatic triage, instant responses and seamless handoff been human coaches and bots.


with evidence-based actions that drive progress towards key behavioural milestones

Turn optimises conversations to drive behaviour change goals by suggesting the best reply to human coaches.


to verify individual or group impact journeys in real time

Turn visualises the desired behaviour change journey and verifies progress through digital data.

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Impactful conversations at key moments change lives.

What we do


Turn connects, builds tools and provides training for social impact organisations.



Turn enables stable, secure hosted aggregation for global messaging platforms (Android Messeges, WhatsApp).


Turn tools allow social impact organisations to manage conversations on global messaging platforms at scale.


Turn supports social impact organisations to create impactful conversational applications using Turn tools.

August 2018

“We feel that the ecosystem is changing. WhatsApp and other chat apps are becoming a universal communication medium in the developing world. WhatsApp is different from SMS in a few, very important ways: it is secure, it is immediate, and allows for richer conversations.”

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