December 21, 2021

The value of Chat for Impact highlighted by hundreds of organisations attending Global Bootcamp Series

Over 800 Social impact organisations from across the globe attended the Chat for Impact Global Bootcamp Series in 2021, powered by WhatsApp in partnership with and

The virtual Chat for Impact Bootcamps were created to fast-track social impact organisations wanting to launch a scalable chat solution on WhatsApp that can help to improve the lives of their communities through meaningful conversations, supportive services and access to resources.

The four Bootcamps, which took place regionally in Asia-Pacific, the Americas and EMEA, provided impact organisations working across a variety of critical sectors with inspiring use-cases, step-by-step training and the tools to support the development and launch of a chat service on WhatsApp.

Organisations working in health, education, social justice, gender equality, agriculture and other sectors were in attendance.

“Hundreds of organisations across various impact sectors took the time to join the Global Bootcamp Series this year to understand how they can make use of Chat to further their work within their communities. Many of these organisations have already started the process of developing and launching their chat-based services to improve people’s lives. Moving into 2022, we look forward to supporting these services as they grow and develop, see the impact they will have on their communities and learn from their experiences as they become part of the Chat for Impact Community” says Gustav Praekelt, Founder of and Co-Founder of

The Chat for Impact Global Bootcamp Series 2021 was managed and facilitated by, a behaviour change platform that helps organisations build and manage their chat service at scale.

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