September 25, 2023

Chat for Impact Health Accelerator Demo Day 2023: Transforming Global Health with Chat Solutions

The Chat for Impact Health Accelerator is set to host its highly anticipated Demo Day on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, at 2 PM GMT. This virtual event will showcase the innovative chat solutions developed by ten diverse organisations using WhatsApp, each with a unique focus on improving health outcomes worldwide.

The Chat for Impact Health Accelerator, led by in partnership with WhatsApp and The Agency Fund, offered a six-week accelerator program to support and amplify the impact of ten health-focused organisations. The program attracted substantial attention, drawing in over 375 applicants from health organisations from around the world.

Spanning regions across EMEA, LATAM, and APAC, these organisations cover a broad spectrum of health sectors including mental health, general healthcare access, maternal health, women's health, immunisation, health education and more.

Here are the ten organisations set to present their innovative chat services at Demo Day 2023:

Access Afya (Kenya): Committed to providing localised primary healthcare for low-income markets in Kenya.

Aga Khan University (Pakistan): Focusing on health, education, culture, rural development, institution-building, and economic development in the developing world.

Cranberry Fit (India): Empowering women to manage period pain and PMS through personalised chat-based coaching, menstrual health Q&A, and WhatsApp micro-communities. (Nigeria): Leveraging mobile technology to enhance support for nursing mothers, increase immunisation awareness, and bridge communication gaps between mothers and birth attendants.

Impulso Gov (Brazil): Empowering local healthcare professionals with technology for preventive care through WhatsApp.

iWill Therapy (India): Offering digital behavioural health support with clinician-led programs and AI-based chatbots.

Koko (USA): Addressing youth mental health through AI digital interventions on various online platforms.

Rocket Health (Uganda): Delivering telemedicine and last-mile health services in Uganda through chat, voice, and video calls connecting patients with doctors.

Vida Plena (Ecuador): Providing evidence-based depression treatment through a cost-effective group therapy model.

Wysa (India): Offering 24/7 accessible and affordable mental health support through AI-led conversations in 95 countries.

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