August 2, 2022

Education & Learning Innovation on WhatsApp in focus at upcoming Chat for Impact Bootcamp

Social Impact Organizations are invited to register for the upcoming Chat for Impact 2022 Bootcamp on August 18th. The bootcamp will focus solely on Education and Learning for organizations across the globe working to advance access to education and innovate the learning experience through chat.

The Chat for Impact Education and Learning Bootcamp aims to engage and support social impact organizations that want to amplify their impact using WhatsApp. It will include presentations by representatives of a number of organizations already using a chat service on WhatsApp.

The 90-minute event is part of a broader Chat for Impact 2022 programme that includes 10 bootcamps and culminates in the Chat for Impact Accelerator and Summit. Participants in the Chat for Impact Education and Learning also stand a chance of being selected to join the Chat for Impact Accelerator to receive financial assistance of $25 000, additional support and mentorship.

“Key learnings and insights from organizations using chat in the education sector can illuminate and inspire opportunities and spark a meaningful conversation about the role of Chat in building better and more impactful education systems for the most vulnerable in the future.” says Gustav Praekelt, Co-Founder of

The Bootcamp will start with an understanding of the WhatsApp ecosystem, including the Business Platform that has been designed for medium and large organizations that want to communicate with thousands of users simultaneously.

The programme also includes:

Learning how to set up a WhatsApp line for social impact organizations
Learning best practices of content management, launch plan considerations, engagement tips, among other topics
Hearing from current clients on key learnings in setting up a WhatsApp chat service
Understanding key product features
Gaining access to an offer worth USD 2500, including a free license for three months, onboarding support and training

Organizations can apply today by visiting

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