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Care Companion Digital Service

Combining social work with technology — Empowering family caregivers

Interview with Victoria G
Victoria G from Noora Health doing hospital visits and getting feedback for the Care Companion Digital Service.
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Care Companion Digital Service is the Turn.io based messaging service that enables Noora Health's local partners to connect with families post-discharge.


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Anything you wish you knew before you started or that you learned and would like to share with others who might be facing a similar journey?

VICTORIA: When I was training as a social worker, all that I had in my mind was being on a field and dealing with people's problems and then solving those problems on the ground. I wasn't imagining that I'm going to work with technology or with this particular project. But it is a learning process, it was a challenge, and it is an opportunity I would like to thank Noora Health for because I was able to learn a lot.

"Personally, I feel that nobody should be unanswered."

Victoria G, Design Strategist, Noora Health
Listen: combining and improving 'out in the field' social work with technology.

Victoria's passion for providing answers and especially caring for patients' mental health has motivated her to work with Noora Health to scale their capacity. She is actively involved in collaboration with Turn.io to empower family members via chat as they have become a crucial part of ongoing patient care.

VICTORIA: I was able to learn how to approach a user-centered project from one location. I always imagined a user-centered approach to a particular problem could only happen when I connect with people on the ground. Of course, that's one way to understand our users better, but at the same time to solve the general issues, we can also make use of technology — this is what I have learned.

How has the service evolved, and what are the critical new challenges or developments you face?

VICTORIA: This was a completely manual process in the beginning. Then, we had doctors, but now we have dedicated resources to this particular project. So there has been a lot of development. We have since developed processes and protocols, like identifying a semi-emergency or emergency or a standard question.

"This was a completely manual process in the beginning."

VICTORIA: But right now, the project is big. I don't know how to say it — it has grown a lot and has to keep growing. It needs a lot of development, and we have projects that are in the pipeline. For example, we need an excellent dashboard because we also need to show the impact of the work. We are doing a dashboard in a manual process to date, and now we would like to change this into an automated process.

We'd also like to include more doctors into the system because our use cases, as you know, are answering the patients and the caregivers questions from the hospital. It may be after the discharge from after giving birth, or it might be after the surgery.

Access to Noora Health's content rich library
Gif. Showing video link reply from Whatsapp Care Companion Digital service - to a maternal healthcare question.
Noora Health's Covid 19 resources
Gif. Showing video link reply from Whatsapp Care Companion Digital service - reply with pdf document to COVID-19 question.

What is the Care Companion Digital Service?

The first phase of the partnership with Turn.io has focused on maternal and newborn health. Medical professionals, health behaviour change specialists, and user experience designers design culturally appropriate message content, flows, and overall experience to deliver health messages for when families need them the most.

This rich content engagement enables Noora Health's local partners to reinforce health behaviour change in homes well after patients are discharged from hospital. This ensures a much more significant, lasting impact on communities and their health.

Victoria G from Noora Health doing hospital visits and getting feedback for the Care Companion Digital Service.
Victoria G getting feedback in local hospitals
Noora Health doing In person training.
General in person training

" — as a social worker, I feel proud to be in this space."

Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It is really inspiring to see how persistent and dedicated you and your team are.

VICTORIA: It was great to talk about all these things because I joined as a fresh-year at Noora Health, and there were vast opportunities for me to grab and do something. Working with Turn on this particular WhatsApp service, I have personally learned a lot. So this was an amazing journey for me — as a social worker, I feel proud to be in this space.

"It's an integrated system that helps Noora Health to achieve what they want to achieve."

Manish Manohar, Turn.io, Support
Inspired by Noora Health with product feedback and recommendations.

Building new features with Noora Health

As Noora and its partners work to expand these services to reach more patients, the focus will be on utilising key insights from Turn on how patients and families interact with Aarogya Seva to continue to improve service offerings in the maternal and child health space. The goal is to roll out the service across additional health condition areas (cardiac, general inpatient, oncology) by 2021, reaching more than one million families.

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