Now, in its third year, the Chat for Impact Accelerator empowers organisations to use chat to improve people's health globally.

Chat for Impact Accelerator Alumni

What to expect from the

The 6-week virtual programme launches in August
and provides mentorship and support to organisations wanting to build and scale their WhatsApp Health service.
10 organisations will receive US$ 25,000 in prizes to launch and scale a live chat service on the WhatsApp Business Platform.
Mentorship from Agency Fund, WhatsApp and experts in behaviour change, conversational design and AI technology.
Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from world-class organisations that have achieved successful outcomes in building chat services for health. They will join a community of like-minded peers dedicated to utilising chat platforms to enhance people's health and well-being.
"We are thrilled to launch the third edition of the Chat for Impact Accelerator program. Through this program, we aim to provide the necessary tools and resources to empower organisations that are committed to leveraging WhatsApp's platform for creating lasting health outcomes and improving lives."
Gustav Praekelt,
CO-founder, TURN.IO

Application Criteria

  • We are looking for organisations with a clear business case / theory of change that leverage digital messaging to achieve health outcomes, specifically emphasising secure and private chat services. In addition, the ideal applicants should be committed to building and expanding a chat service on WhatsApp and have the required team and time to accomplish this goal.
  • Previous recipients of this award have included organisations using WhatsApp to provide coaching for people with diabetes, offer affordable and accessible healthcare services, and provide free mental health support and coaching.
A unique opportunity for health organisations to enhance their impact by leveraging the power of chat.
"We are excited to partner with to support organizations that expand human agency through the Chat for Impact Accelerator. As they strengthen their impact and grow in scale, we're looking forward to seeing this cohort work to ensure that all people can envision, navigate toward, and realize a healthier future."

Selection process

Organisations will be selected based on their ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem they aim to solve using WhatsApp, as reflected in their theory of change.
They should be committed to building and scaling a WhatsApp chat service, including having the required team and time resources. Selected organisations should ideally have a WhatsApp Business account already.
Following interviews with shortlisted organisations, a judging panel will select ten organisations to participate in the Accelerator Programme.
Organisations will receive ongoing mentorship and financial support (US$ 25,000 each) to build and scale their WhatsApp service to enhance their work in Health.
Key Dates
Application Deadline
15 July 2023
Accelerator Programme
August - September

Programme Mentors

Indrani Vedula
Impact Partnership -

Accelerator Facilitator
Lieze Langford
Global Impact Partnership -

Programme lead and Go to market
Pippa Yeats
Chief Strategy Officer -

Behavioural Change and service design
Solutions Engineer -

Communications and Content Design
Co-founder & Member -The Agency Fund

Philanthropy professional and behavioral development economist
Member -The Agency Fund

Data scientist and software engineering
Co-founder & Member -The Agency Fund

Policy researcher and tech startup advisor
We look forward to scaling health outcomes together –
for those who need it most.

Accelerator Partners

Who should apply?

We seek organisations with a well-defined vision and theory of change that use private and personalised digital messaging to improve health. In addition, the ideal applicants should have a solid commitment to building and expanding a sustainable chat service on WhatsApp, including having the necessary team and time to do so. Please refer to WhatsApp Commerce Policy for exclusions.

Do we need to be using WhatsAPP or have a messaging service / bot already?

Yes. It is a pre-requirement that you have a Live WABA on WhatsApp Business Platform (API)

Does our program need to be at a specific scale?

We will give preference to organisations with a live WhatsApp Business Account and are ready to scale via WhatsApp.

Do we need to have it all figured out yet?

Certainly not, but we need to be confident that you have a committed and agile team with a suitable starting point and the tenacity and ability to iterate and learn. You will receive input during the 6-week accelerator to help you grow and achieve your goals. Right now, we are interested in why you are the right team to support and invest in.

Do we need to be operating in specific countries?

No, but we will give preference to organisations that can have the most significant impact and operate in countries where WhatsApp is socially well-adopted and actively used.

Do we need to have multilingual or single-language programs?

It does not matter how many languages you operate, but it matters that your program has a clear roadmap on who it is serving and why you are doing it in specific languages.

Do we need to be tech-savvy to be considered?

No, both small and big, tech-savvy or new-to-digital organisations can use WhatsApp successfully.

What are we committing to?

The 6-week Accelerator Program

Two dedicated team members are to attend all sessions (60-90 mins per session).
These will be group sessions hosted online on dates made available in advance.
Attend weekly Office hours with expert team members. ( 30 -60 min per session )
Complete all pre-work assignments before each session. It should take 1-2 hours to complete.
Complete all homework assignments during the Accelerator period.
The end goal of the Accelerator is to demo your WhatsApp use case to a selected audience and complete a case study to share learnings.
Preparing for this will require time outside of the Accelerator hours. Therefore, plan to design and build your demo at least 1-2 hours per day.

Who in our team should attend?

The ideal combination is a business lead (i.e. a team member with a strategic focus and decision-making ability) and a technical lead (i.e. an operational, hands-on team member responsible for implementing your service).

Can more than two team members attend?

Selected organisations will receive the Accelerator agenda beforehand and be allowed to invite additional team members to specific sessions as needed. However, up to four members per organisation can attend a single session.

What are the attendance requirements?

Apart from the time commitment as explained above, you will require a computer with internet access and sufficient data to attend all virtual sessions on a conference tool such as Zoom. Ideally, your connection and data will allow you to attend the sessions with your video.

Is signing up for a WhatsApp Business API account compulsory after the Accelerator?

It is a selection criteria to have a live WABA account. So please note that your application will only be selected if you have an existing WABA. If a WhatsApp service is not a strategic objective for your organisation for 2023, then there are better times for you to apply for the Accelerator.

Can we apply if we are using or planning to use the WhatsApp Business App (not the API)?

Yes, but the Chat for Impact Accelerator will be focused on building services for the WhatsApp Business Platform (API) only. Therefore, if you plan on scaling your service to use the API, there are better times to apply.

Do we need to use as a BSP? is hosting the Accelerator alongside WhatsApp; however, you are not obligated to use them as your Business Solution Provider (BSP). All participants can work post the summit with any of WhatsApp’s authorised Business Solution Providers. However, note that even though the Accelerator focuses on using chat to have an impact, all hands-on sessions will be on the platform.

What is the WhatsApp Business API, and why select it as the means of communication?

The WhatsApp Business API powers communication with users worldwide so that you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.

The WhatsApp Business API is a paid product. However, as part of the Accelerator, you may be granted a subsidised license for up to 3 months; further use of the API may result in monthly fees and/or messaging fees.

What type of messaging is allowed on the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp is designed for simple, secure and reliable messaging. This includes one-on-one communication and chatbots with a clear escalation path to a human. Please refer to the WhatsApp Commerce Policy and WhatsApp Business Policy to familiarise yourself with the type of messages that are and are not allowed on the WhatsApp Business API.

What is a Business Service Provider (BSP)?

Business Service Providers (BSPs) are third-party solution providers with expertise in the WhatsApp Business API. These BSPs can help you communicate with your customers on WhatsApp for the approved use cases of customer support and time-sensitive, personalised notifications. You can have a look at the list of authorised BSPs.

Will another Chat for Impact Accelerators be hosted?

We may or may not do this in the future again.

We were part of last year’s Accelerator cohort. Can we apply?

No. If you were part of previous years Accelerator cohorts, your application will not be considered.

We are already a client; can we apply?

Yes, you may apply but remember government entities, agencies and/or institutions will not be considered.

What are the key factors that will be considered for selection?

We are looking for impact organizations with a strong mission and an engaging use-case suitable to the WhatsApp Business Platform. We are looking for dedicated teams with in-depth knowledge of their users and who are currently ready and strategically focused to build and drive a successful WhatsApp service.

All social impact organizations are welcome to apply. We aim to invite a diverse group of participants ranging in focus, geographies, scale and digital maturity.

Why was our application not successful?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. If you didn’t answer all the questions or violated the application guidelines, it’s more tricky to answer why. We can only say that it is less about your application lacking something specific and more about others being good.

We were unsuccessful, can we still get started on WhatsApp?

Nothing is stopping you from applying for a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) through any Business Service Provider (BSP) or to start using the WhatsApp Business App. Furthermore, if we ever host another Chat for Impact Accelerator and Summit,  you are more than welcome to apply again.

Do you give feedback on application results?

You will receive email communication from us on whether you were successful or not. However, we will not provide detailed feedback on why your application was successful or unsuccessful.

When do applications close?

All applications received by midnight GMT (00:00) on the 15th of July 2023 will be considered.