Welcome to the Chat for Impact Onboarding Portal
What is Chat for Impact
The Chat for Impact Initiative was devised by Turn.io, a Social Impact Business Solution provider, with the aim of supporting and accelerating the work that social impact organisations are doing to provide vulnerable, disempowered and minority communities with easy and secure access to vital information and support via WhatsApp. The initiative includes an annual events schedule as well as ongoing engagement activities with the 1000+ strong Chat for Impact community.
At Turn.io, we believe that Chat can change lives when it is personalized, private, affordable and easily accessible at a key moment. This is especially true with it is with a trusted person or organization with the necessary empathy and expertise. We aim to make impactful conversations possible – at scale. Using the same tools all of us use in our everyday conversations, we help organizations "turn" their conversations into actions that have a powerful social impact.
As you read the articles and watch the videos in the next few pages, you will learn:
  • If your organization is ready for the WhatsApp Business Platform
  • The key rules of engagement with WhatsApp
  • The key steps to onboarding the WhatsApp Business Platform
  • How to launch your chat service successfully
  • How to design a chat service that is engaging and empowers your users