Rules of Engagement
To ensure that you are successful – and that you have fun while creating your service, become familiar with what we call the WhatsApp Business Platform's "rules of engagement".

WhatsApp has policies you need to adhere to, or else your number may get blocked. For this reason, it is important that you read the information on the WhatsApp Business Policy page.

They are there to make sure that the WhatsApp Business Platform remains a tool for valuable and trustworthy interactions.

Additionally, make a note of the following:
  • There are different message types on the WhatsApp Business Platform (business- initiated and user-initiated). Each has specific conditions for use and costs.
  • You will need to request user consent (or "opt-in") to start conversations with your users.
  • You can set up automations, but there should always be a clear and direct path to a human. Users must be able to speak directly to a real person if required.
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