August 25, 2021

Service Level Agreement provides a 99.95% Uptime commitment for customers on a paid plan. This is our service level agreement. If we fail to deliver this 99.95% uptime commitment and your organisation on is affected, we will apply a service credit to your account for use in the future.

To view our current and historical uptime, visit our externally monitored status page at .

Downtime is the amount of minutes that your number was inaccessible during a calendar month. uses 3rd party services to monitor the uptime of services at and The monitor measures uptime by testing the availability and responsiveness of the HTTPS endpoints of the APIs and user interfaces every minute.

When downtime happens, automated alerts are triggered and escalated to the relevant team members who are on standby.

Downtime excludes:

  • Slowness due to insufficient capacity on the client's product tiers, this includes slowness due to throttling.
  • Any slowness or interruption that arises because of problems with your equipment or that derive from your fault or negligence.
  • Any failure or delay in the service that is caused by factors that are beyond our control, as defined in Section 4 of our Customer Terms of Service. 
  • Issues that are relating due to 3rd party integrations that the client has configured in which may have become unresponsive.
  • Any issue with service that arises because of problems with  networks or software operated by parties other than
  • Scheduled downtime for deployments or maintenance.
  • In case we are required to suspend or interrupt service by any governmental authority or by one of our service providers.
  • Any situation where we are permitted to suspend or terminate service under the Customer Terms of Service, such as when you have failed to pay your invoice on time.Downtime due to connectivity problems at your Internet Service Provider.

Uptime means total number of minutes in a month, minus the number of Downtime minutes suffered from all Downtime Periods in a month, divided by the total number of minutes in a month. Our commitment is to maintain at least 99.95% uptime per month.

Occasionally we will need to perform some maintenance or housekeeping tasks to ensure that keeps operating as intended.

If the maintenance work requires downtime, we will notify you via email 24 hours ahead of time.

If we fail to deliver on our uptime commitment, we'll apply a credit to each affected organisation equal to 10 times the amount that the organisation paid during the period that was down. As an example; if suffers 10 minutes of downtime, Turn will refund 10x10 minutes service credits. These are called service credits.

Service credits are not refunds, they can only be used within, cannot be exchanged into cash amount and are capped at a maximum of 30 days of paid service. Service credits require you to have paid any outstanding invoices and expire upon termination of your contract. Service credits are the sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by to meet its obligations under this service level agreement.

Downtime may not affect all clients in the same ways. As a result some organisations may receive service credits during an outage when other organisations may not.

As evolves as a business, we may change our service level agreement. The most recent service level agreement will always be published on this web page.