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Tackling Africa's depression epidemic

With thoughts from Jennifer Bass
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Uganda, Zambia

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StrongMinds is creating a scalable chat platform that will aid in its mission to tackle Africa’s depression epidemic.

A social enterprise founded in 2013 to provide life-changing mental health services to impoverished African women, StrongMinds will use its new WhatsApp platform in both Zambia and Uganda.  

Through a Turn.io-powered chat function, StrongMinds’ teams will be able to direct women to nearby health services and screenings provided by especially trained community health workers - as well as answer questions about this pervasive and debilitating mental illness in a private and personal space.  

StrongMinds is the only organisation scaling a cost-effective solution to the depression epidemic in Africa.

By training lay community workers to deliver mental health services through group therapy sessions, StrongMinds is able to provide depression treatment to the most underserved populations in sub-Saharan Africa.

"At the Accelerator, it was really great to see people be open about their challenges and to brainstorm together"

Jennifer Bass, StrongMinds

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