Chat for Impact Global Bootcamp Series 2021

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Is your organization actively driving social progress? And do you want to scale your work using a chat service on WhatsApp?

In partnership with and, WhatsApp is hosting a series of Global Bootcamps to support social impact organizations across the world who want to impact and improve the lives of their communities through a dedicated WhatsApp chat service.

The Bootcamps take place in November as follows:

  1. Americas (North and Latin America): 3 November 2021-(CLOSED)
  2. EMEA (Europe Middle East and Africa): 11 November 2021 (CLOSED)
  3. APAC (Asia Pacific and India): 18 November 2021 (CLOSED)

Registrations for the Chat for Impact Global Bootcamp Series-2021 are now closed!!

What to expect at the Bootcamps

  • Participate in a one-day virtual strategic and hands-on session to understand using chat for your organization
  • Engage in practical learning, onboarding and support to launch an impactful chat service on WhatsApp
  • Connect with and learn from like-minded organizations as part of the Chat for Impact Community
  • Access all the tools and resources to launch an impactful service on the WhatsApp Business API
What is the Chat for Impact Bootcamp Series?

The Chat for Impact Global Bootcamp is a series of one day virtual summits aimed at supporting 100 nonprofits working across EMEA, APAC and AMERICAS to launch their WhatsApp Business Solution helpline. There will be an event per region, where 100 organizations from each region can participate.

The 100 organizations that participate in the virtual summits will receive the following valued at up to $5000:

- Training via the one-day virtual Chat for Impact Bootcamp
- A WhatsApp Business Solution WABA helpline phone number
- A licence from 6 months to help manage and automate their WhatsApp service
- Free messaging for their service until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who should apply?

If you are an organization that is actively driving social progress in either of the following regions: EMEA, APAC or AMERICAS (incl LATAM), and urgently need to scale your service using WhatsApp in times of the pandemic, then this is for you. You do not have to specifically focus on COVID-19 relief work but you should be a social impact-driven organization.
On completion of the Bootcamp organizations will be required to launch a live WhatsApp helpline within 3 months to be eligible for the above benefits.

Can Governments apply?

The follow organizations will not be considered:
- Governments
- Any government agency, e.g. political parties, the military, national security and/or law enforcement
- Any non-profit organization that represents a government
- Any private service providers to governments, e.g. campaign strategy, voting, government aggregators

No promotion, political campaigning, voter data gathering or any sort of election influencing will be allowed by any type of organization.

Refer to WhatsApp's Commerce Policy.

Do we need to be using WhatsApp products already?

No, it’s not a requirement. However we are looking for organizations with a clear and suitable use-case for WhatsApp so if you have previous experience using WhatsApp products to connect with the communities you serve, we hope it helped you to refine your idea for how to use the WhatsApp Business API.

Do we need to have a messaging service / bot already?

No, it’s not a requirement.

On other plans you can only have 1 line and you will need to upgrade to Pro if you need more lines.

Does our program need to be at a specific scale?

No, but we will give preference to organizations with potential to scale via WhatsApp.

Do we need to be operating in specific countries?

Yes. The Bootcamp is organized across 3 regions (AMERICAS, APAC and EMEA). Please make sure to attend the bootcamp where your organization is headquartered, or where your end users are based.

What are the confirmed dates of the Bootcamp?

The Bootcamps will be taking place on the following dates:
America's Bootcamp: 3 November 2021
EMEA Bootcamp: 11 November 2021
APAC & India Bootcamp: 18 November 2021

What are we committing to?

One day intense, hands-on training, happening online. This online session will be around 2 - 5 hours long.

You have to complete all pre-work assignments. It should take 1-2 hours to complete.

As part of the Bootcamp your organization may be granted a subsidised license, thereafter further use of the API will result in monthly fees and/or messaging fees.

On completion of the one-day Bootcamp, in order to receive the outlined benefits above, organizations will be required to launch a live WhatsApp helpline within 3 months to be eligible for the WhatsApp helpline support, the 6 month licence and 100 000 free messaging credits until June 2022.

Who in our team should attend?

To make the most of the Bootcamp a technical team member should attend (i.e. an operational, hands-on team member that will be responsible for implementation of your service) as well as a business team member (i.e. a team member with a strategic focus and decision making ability).

Can more than two team members attend?

No more than four members per organization will be able to attend a single session.

What are the attendance requirements?

Apart from the time commitment as explained above you will require a computer with internet access and sufficient data to attend all virtual sessions on a conference tool such as Zoom. Ideally your connection and data will allow you to attend the sessions with your video on.

Is it compulsory to sign-up for a WhatsApp Business API account after the Bootcamp?

The content of the bootcamp will be focused on utilizing the WhatsApp Business API. If your organization is only interested in using the SMB app, the Bootcamp may not be relevant to you but you can still apply to attend.

Can we apply if we are using or planning to use the WhatsApp Business App (not the API)?

No, the Bootcamp will be focused on building services for the WhatsApp Business API only. If you do not plan on scaling your service to use the API, this is not the right time for you to do the bootcamp.

Do we need to use as a BSP? is hosting the bootcamp alongside WhatsApp however you are not obligated to use them as your Business Solution Provider (BSP). You will be able to work with any one of WhatsApp’s authorized Business Solution Providers. However, do note that all hands-on sessions will be on the platform.

What is the WhatsApp Business API and why select it as the means for communication?

The WhatsApp Business API powers communication with users all over the world, so you can connect with them on WhatsApp in a simple, secure, and reliable way.

The WhatsApp Business API is a paid product. As part of the Bootcamp you may be granted a subsidised license, thereafter further use of the API will result in monthly fees and/or messaging fees. You can read about those here.

What type of messaging is allowed on the WhatsApp Business API?

WhatsApp is designed for simple, secure and reliable messaging. This includes one-on-one communication and chat bots with a clear escalation path to a human. Please refer to the WhatsApp Commerce Policy and the WhatsApp Business Policy to familiarise yourself with the type of messages that are and are not allowed on the WhatsApp Business API.

What is a Business Service Provider (BSP)?

Business Service Providers (BSPs) are third-party solution providers with expertise on the WhatsApp Business API. These BSPs can help you communicate with your customers on WhatsApp for the approved use-cases of customer support and time-sensitive, personalized notifications. You can have a look at the list of authorized BSPs here.

Will another Bootcamp be hosted?

We may or may not do this in the future again.

We are already a client, can we apply?

Yes, you may apply but remember that this Bootcamp is focused on supporting non-profit and social-enterprise organizations, so you should be a social-impact driven organization to be considered. Government entities, agencies and/or institutions will not be considered.

What are the key factors that will be considered for selection?

The Bootcamp applications work on a first come, first serve basis for eligible organizations as set forth above. Additionally, we are looking for impact organizations that are engaging with people in their respective regions (EMEA, APAC and AMERICAS), who have a dedicated team that are currently ready and strategically focused to build and drive a successful WhatsApp service.

Why was our application not successful?

Applications for the Bootcamp work mainly on a first come, first serve basis. If you were unsuccessful it likely means that all the spots are already filled.

The following will also result in an unsuccessful application:

- If you are a Government/Government Agency.

- If your end-users are not located in one of the regions where the Bootcamps are focusing on.

- If your use-case is not suitable for WhatsApp or violates any WhatsApp policy.

- If your organization does not do social-impact work.

We were unsuccessful, can we still get started on WhatsApp?

Yes you can. WhatsApp offers a broad range of support and there is nothing stopping you from applying for a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) through any Business Service Provider (BSP) or to start using the WhatApp Business App.

Do you give feedback on application results?

You will receive email communication from us on whether you were successful or not. We will not be providing any detailed feedback as to why you were successful or unsuccessful in your application.

When do applications close?

The Bootcamp will be limited to 100 organizations. Working on a first come, first serve principle applications will close when we have 100 organizations OR at the following time by region (whichever comes first):

AMERICAS: 10 PM EST (October 26th)
EMEA: 10 PM CAT (November 2nd)
APAC: 10 PM IST (November 11th)

What is a Facebook Business Manager account and ID?

You need a Facebook Business Manager (FB BM) account for your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA). FB BM is a one-stop shop that allows you to manage multiple FB pages, business assets, marketing and advertising activity on Facebook.

How do I create a Facebook Business Manager account?

1. Visit
2. Click on “Create Account” (top right).
3. Follow the prompts to create your Business account.
4. Learn more about preparing your application here.

What if my end-users do not live in the region where the organization is headquartered?

This Bootcamp requires that you attend the Bootcamp in the region either where you are headquartered OR where your end-users live.

Do we have to do COVID-19 specific work?

No, but we encourage organizations working on COVID-19 related issues to apply.

What if we are not a social impact organization?

This Bootcamp is focused on social impact only. You are welcome to view other WhatsApp Business service providers here for non social impact use cases.

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